Catching Up…

I have all these grand ideas of blogging once a week (at least), writing a couple of times a week, practicing my drawing a couple of times a week, then I get home and it all goes out the window.  I walk in the house, let George out, get the mail, check uselessly for packages that haven’t been shipped yet, think about all of the things I would like to accomplish, and promptly feel mentally exhausted and like I don’t want to do any of them.  Mostly, it’s that Texas Summer Funk, where you leave your nice, freezing office, walk to your car in the blazing Texas sun and triple digit Heat Indexes and oppressive humidity (not as bad as Houston, thank goodness, but 40-80% humidity depending on the day), stop at the store (if absolutely necessary, and only if absolutely necessary), get home and burn your hand on the door knob when you go get the mail, walk back inside to the nice, cool air conditioned house and die.  At least your desire to do anything like cook, take out the trash, read email, or, you know, move dies as soon as your bum hits the couch.

So, I decided I really needed to set a schedule (again) so that I can make sure I have a better chance of following the lists of items and To Dos that are in my planners.  There are so many things that I enjoy, that take time, as well as all of the things I do not enjoy, but have to do that also take time.  And yes, I did say “planners”, that was not a typo.  I currently have 2 and I am waiting for a 3rd to be shipped.  This does not include the calendar that I have for class once school starts at the end of the month.  ( Yes, I know I have a problem, shut up.)  The funny thing is, all 3 are there to help me keep things together, and accomplish what I wish and need to do for the day/week/month.

In case you’re interested, I have an ECLP that I absolutely love and it is my main planner and keeps track of everything in a more general sense with weekly and monthly To Dos, Goals, significant things that I need to pay attention to for the week and other plans and tasks.  I also have a Day Designer that is perfect for keeping daily tasks and check lists, and as the title suggests, a way to design my day the way I need.  The third one is a Plum Planner that hasn’t been shipped yet.  That one is for my writing.  To keep track of ideas, what I want to work on next, or go back to review and when.  And those dates can be tracked in the ECLP as well.  So yeah, 3 planners.

Enough about that, on to catching up…

My hand is doing better, though right now it hurts like a bad tooth.  (Or at least how I imagine a “bad tooth” feels, I could be completely off on that.)  I’ve started to become more active, and I started a deep cleaning on my part of the house so I over used it a bit the last few days and it is letting me know.  I figure that’s going to happen off and on for a little while yet since it was such a deep bruise, so I’m not particularly worried about it.

I took a day off a couple of weeks ago and it was super-fantastic-awesome.

I got to chill with George, a book, the Back To The Future trilogy, and my knitting.


And of course, after making some excellent progress, I found a mistake.


It could have been worse, but it was still time lost.  I’ve also tried to set up a “work space” in my room, but I don’t think my old desk will work out all that well.

Work space

It’s a great desk and I still love it after all of these years, but it’s not quite right for what I need.  If all I am doing is typing or research, it works just fine, but if I need to write down stuff while on the computer, it is not functional at all.  I’ll have to look into that.  But for now, I need to get myself reorganized and back on a functional schedule before the Fall semester begins in 3 weeks.  I can totally get used to a “new” schedule in 3 weeks…right?


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