Time Flies

The last month and a half has been both eventful and not.

First, after my last post there were three engagements with the Chorale.

There was this:


Yes, that is the white house in Legos.  It was part of a nation-wide tour of American landmarks, such as the Liberty Bell, The Statue of Liberty, etc.  It was at the local mall and the Chorale was asked to sing a few patriotic pieces at the grand opening on Memorial weekend.  Then came Memorial Day, where we usually sing 3-4 pieces, and our own concert which was the last Saturday of May.  Just before that final concert, I did something to my hand.  I know this is a shock, but I’m not really the most graceful of people and I managed to hit my hand hard enough to have to wear this for over a week.


That is a splint and a wrap to keep everything nice and stable so that I could heal.  This picture was after the worst of the swelling had gone down, and as you can see, it was still pretty swollen at this point.  This meant, that I couldn’t knit, type, write, or draw.  All of my normal outlets that I have to keep my mind and hands occupied.  It was not a fun few weeks.

Luckily, before I hurt myself, I was able to get mostly finished with the Hot Water Bottle Cover.


There is still some work to be done, but at least it’s almost finished, and once I am able to work on it again, it won’t take very long at all.

During this time, I also started a new position in my department.  I now work on the Travel and One Card team.  This is pretty exciting for me.  I have more responsibility and a slightly larger paycheck.  It’s only been just 3 weeks, but I have already learned quite a bit.  Plus, I get a window.  And not a miniscule one either.

New Window

I still have to figure out how I want my desk set up, but I’ve started working on that as well, as time allows.

Then, I received this:


I’m so excited.  I got my official acceptance to go to school in the fall.  I still have to register for my class and submit my Employee Assistance application, but that should go fairly smoothly.  I am only going to need to leave one hour early, two days a week, and they won’t have a problem with that.  My boss already knows about it and is cool with it, now it’s just up to HR.  But in any case, I am going to kick Organic Chemistry’s bum this fall.

My hand has started to feel better, but I still am unable to do many of the things I enjoy.  Though I can work on some knitting, I still don’t have the dexterity to hold multiple DPNs and knit at the same time, that definitely hurts too much.  I can, however, work on straights or circulars, so I have been able to get some work done on the ENS.

ENS Last Week

That was taken last week.  I’ve actually gotten quite a bit done between then and now.  I can usually average about 5 rows at a time, which equals to 500 stitches in a go.  Sometimes I can do more, sometimes I have to stop at a fewer number of rows, but I have to tell you, those 5 rows make a hell of a difference.  I believe that was after I completed the 1st chart, which was 100 rows.  I am currently just under another 40 rows beyond that, so that makes me happy.  And from the looks of things, my hand will be much better by the time classes begin in August.


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