It’s Kind Of Like Speed Walking

Speed walking has got to be one of the most difficult races to ever compete in.  You’re rushing along, trying to be faster then the guy next to you, and you look up and there it is; the finish line.  It’s only 20 meters away, and you are neck and neck with one of the other competitors.  Everything in you is yelling, “go faster, go faster!”  But you have to be careful.  If you don’t pay attention, you might accidentally begin to run.  Then you would definitely lose the race.  Often times we find ourselves in similar situations at work, at home, or on our morning commute.  You’ve been working on a project, and this goes for anything from work to hobbies, and it’s taken a long while to complete.  You are so close to finishing that you get that urge to go faster and race through the end to the finish line.  But you have to watch it because you might make a mistake, drop a stitch, miss a calculation, or any number of things.

I have found that when I’ve taken a long time to come to a decision on something big and/or important (after weighing the pros and cons, determining that the effort is worth it, and that it is something that I truly desire) I almost want to rush through and complete the task, buy the item, etc.  I spent all that time making the decision, that now that I have decided for it, I want the instant gratification of owning/completing/doing whatever it is that I decided on.  But there are times this is not possible, so you have to plan out when you have to, or will be able to, work on a project, join a group, take a class, etc.  And if you don’t keep track of deadlines, you might miss the opportunity and have to wait for it to come around again, if it ever does.

Taking all of this into account, I have made some decisions lately that will affect myself, and occasionally my job and others around me.  The first thing is I accepted the position of Deputy Operations on the CERT team where I work.  While it may seem as if it won’t change things much, it is a huge responsibility and I feel that I need to take some more training before I am fully comfortable in that role.  This training, though free, will of course be taken on my own time.  Two more responsibilities I have agreed to take on involve the Chorale.  I have agreed to be the POC for t-shirts, and I have agreed to work with another member of the board to plan social gatherings for the members so that we can get to know each other better outside of practice.  Also, depending on the decision of the Chorale board, I may also become the Secretary for the board.  This will also eat into my personal time, though not too much.  The next thing I have agreed to do is write a proposal for a fundraising idea I had for Frisco Arts and many of the groups here, like the Chorale, community bands, etc.  I have never written a proposal in my life, so this will be interesting.  I have applied and interviewed for another position in my department, which may or may not require more responsibility on my part if I get the position.

Even with all of the recent and potential changes to my life, I have made one more huge decision.  I have decided to go back to school and complete my Bachelor’s of Biology.  I have been thinking about going back to school for the last year, and this week, I finally made the decision.  It will be about a 5 year or less commitment on my part as I will only be able to take about one class a semester, but I spoke to my adviser and the admissions department at my university, and yesterday I took the plunge.  I filled out the application and submitted it to the university.  It was a bit more difficult than I thought it would be simply because the application isn’t really designed for people in my situation.  You either have to choose incoming Freshman or Transfer student and neither one of those really fits.  Though I was able to select that I am wishing to complete my second undergraduate degree, the rest of the application still didn’t make sense for me.  But I filled it out to the best of my ability, and now, I can only hope for the best.  That I didn’t fill it out so completely wrong, that they deny my admission.

Now that I have made this decision, I am ready to dive right in and start school again.  But I have to remind myself that all is not said and done.  I still have to wait for decisions from others before I can move forward.  And if I get lucky, and I am able to start back to school this fall, I will have to continue to tell myself: Walk, Don’t Run.


Back On Track

Mostly.  I’m still trying to figure things out, but at least this post is going up on the day I scheduled it.  In fact, for the most part I have followed what I had planned for the week.  Including exercising and walking.  Now I just need to keep it up.

I have begun a project in the last few days, though it has not progressed very far just yet.


A decent beginning.  I hope to have it finished soon, so I will have to decide what I’m going to begin next.

As for Plato, I don’t think people ever really spoke like that.  It’s kind of like “Legal-ese” and the like.  We write in more formal tones, but people in general do not talk like that.  I made it to Book II, and this one is going a little easier than the first, but still, it’s kind of crazy.

Randomly On What Was Supposed To Be A Wednesday Evening…

1. So, the last couple of weeks have been fairly busy ones.  I had two rehearsals and two performances the week of the 20th.  The Frisco Chorale, the local community choir that I am a member of, performed Beethoven’s Ninth with the Odysseus Chamber Orchestra, another local group.  The performances went well, for the most part.  There are always mistakes when it comes to live performances.  It is the nature of the beast.  But now that’s over and we are concentrating on our performance at the end of this month in Frisco.

2. I have begun a project, it’s not very far along, just cast on, but I will be unable to show pictures of it for some time as it is a gift for a friend of mine.  I hope to have that finished soon, and to begin another present shortly there after.

3. I am doing my best to start my Christmas presents early this year so that I won’t be too stressed and rushing to finish by Christmas.

4. I still have yet to block the NES.  But I was given an idea by a member of one of the stitch groups here in Frisco.  She suggested that I block it in sections.  I think this might work.  I have some blocking rods that could be used to help section it off and keep the tension steady.  We’ll have to see how it works out.

5. Last week, I really started to figure out what I wanted to do with my planner so that I could help keep me more organized.  I love planners, they are the best.  I’ve tried using apps and they just don’t work well for me.

6. I have made a monthly list of things I need to do, and I plan to make one every month.

7. Of course, I still have to follow it.  This post was actually supposed to go out Wednesday, but obviously that didn’t happen.  I got distracted, as often happens with me, but at least I’m trying to get back on track.  And since we had plans for this weekend that I thought would be fun to add, I decided to post today instead. 🙂

8. I have decided to read more.  Specifically books that I have in my possession and have not read yet, and other books that I have an interest in but have not taken the time to read.

9. One of those books is this one:


10. I have had this book for years, and I am bound and determined to read this stupid book before the end of the month.  So far I am at page 3.  That is an accomplishment, really.  I’ve read science textbooks less difficult than this.  It’s crazy, but I’m going to finish it.

11. I lost 3 pounds last week, which was awesome!

12. I gained one this week. 😦

13. On Monday, I was made a member of the CERT board and I now hold the position of Deputy Operations.

14. Today, I plan to look into the online courses offered by FEMA so that I can get some additional training and become more comfortable with my new role.

15. It’s a little intimidating.

16. I have a goal of walking most days during the month of May.  I started last week, and I got in more than 10000 steps yesterday.

17. The reason I was able to get those steps in yesterday is because we went to Scarborough Faire.

18. I love going to Scarborough.  It’s fun.

19. There are shops:

False Fronts

20. And gardens:


No, I was not being “artistic”, I was just trying to take a picture with one hand on my phone.


21. And of course plenty of costumes:

Costumes Flowers Jester The End


22. Even The Doctor was there

The Doctor

23. We had a lot of fun.

24. Then we headed home and played with George so that he wouldn’t feel like we abandoned him.

Happy George

25. He got to play Frisbee, and just hang out in the back yard on a lovely afternoon.

26. That is one happy boy.