Fond(ish) Farewell

About a week and a half ago, I was working on the NES.  I took a look at my yarn and how far I had to go.

Remaining Yarn NES

I looked again.  I weighed out the yarn.  I only had 6 repeats left.  Surely, I had enough yarn.  I finished a repeat, then weighed again.  I had used twice what I thought I was going to use.  The the bargaining began.  Like the yarn would last longer simply because I was in denial.  51 rows remaining and this occurred:

Ran Out

Really?!  Again?!  So I immediately got on line and ordered another hank.  Hoping against hope, yet again, that it would match.  It arrived last Friday.

New Yarn

My luck held out, and the new hank matched.  Yay!  I wound it into a ball and got started on those last 51 rows.  Late in the evening, I had this:


The Never Ending Shawl is finally finished!  Sort of.  Now I need to find a place to block it.  I really don’t have room in my little house to lay it out because it is so big.  I’ll just have to figure something out.


On to The Blerch

Well, after losing 3 pounds in 3 weeks, I gained one.  This was not a happy occasion for me.  I’m just going to have to work harder this week and make sure I don’t gain any more.  One of the steps I have taken to eating better is that I want to start growing some of my own herbs and vegetables.  I have taken the first step with this:

Garlic Week 1 Garlic Pic 2

That is my first attempt at growing garlic.  The first picture was taken one week after planting, the second a week and a half.  Garlic is pretty easy to grow, and it seems like a good plant to start with.

A major step in being healthy and eating right is to eat the “right” things and know where your food is coming from.  I will now always know where my garlic has come from.


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