And Then It Went “Splat!”

So, a couple of weeks ago, when I started the border on my NES, I added the last ball of yarn that I had.  My mother, who is not a knitter, took one look at it and said, “you’re going to run out of yarn.”  My immediate response was, “no I won’t, it’s going to last, and it’s going to be epic.”  Because it totally is going to be epic.  Weekend before last, I got quite a bit of progress done on the border.

Progress NES

It’s big, it’s beautiful, one might even say epic.  Then, just under halfway through the border:

End of yarn

I totally ran out of yarn.  I immediately checked on line to see if I could find any of the same yarn.  I’m not even pretending to look for the same dye lot.  I bought this yarn in a store here in Richardson almost one year ago today.  I found some with the same color number at River Colors Studio and quickly order some more yarn.  Crossing my fingers that because these are hand dyed and slightly vary in color anyway, the new yarn wouldn’t stand out too much.  I did not tell my mother about this of course.  I just knew she would laugh.  All last week and into this week, I kept hoping that the yarn would come quickly and that it would mostly match.  Finally, yesterday, I opened my mailbox, and there it was…

New Yarn 1 New Yarn 2

Boom!  It totally freaking matches!  The really funny thing is that the last ball I used before I ran out, matches least of all.  Thank you Yarn and/or Knitting gods, for looking out for this poor, delusional knitter and allowing the colors to work out well.  Once I received the new yarn, and added it in, only then did I tell my mother what had occurred.  We had a very nice laugh over it, especially the part where I didn’t tell her that I ran out to begin with, and that was that.

Also, we had another interesting weather week last week.

Snow 1 Snow 2

That’s about 5 inches of snow that fell in the North Texas area.  It’s not often we get that much snow, this late in the year.

I also took the opportunity to add in some rows on the ENS

ENS Reboot



As for The Blerch:

There have been many skirmishes in which The Blerch has won many these last couple of weeks.  But today, I’m going to go home and exercise.  That is my promise to myself.  And if you can’t keep a promise to yourself (a reasonable one, anyway) how can you keep a promise to anyone else?


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