Knit, Knit Like The Wind!

Just a bit of randomness on a Friday:

1. Well, I’m still a bit behind schedule, though not too bad.  I know that if I focus and get some serious knitting done this weekend, I’ll be able to get most, if not everything, completed on time.

2. It’s a good thing it is still the 1st week of December.

3. I have almost all of my shopping complete, awesome. 🙂

4. We do still need to put the Christmas decorations out and get a tree.  We buy a real tree every year, which is nice.  I love the smell of a real tree combined with a roaring fire.  (Though ours is a gas fire place and we have the fake logs, so I don’t get the wood smoke smell, but that’s ok.)

5. Every year the university where I work sells Christmas cacti and poinsettias to help fund the staff scholarships.  This year, I decided to purchase a cactus and it was delivered on the 1st.


6. It has actually had quite a few more blooms since this picture was taken Tuesday.  I’ve never had one before, so it will be interesting to see if I can keep it alive and blooming.

7. I really like the color.

8. I have made some big purchases over the last couple of months, a new bed, mattress, etc.  It’s been a little weird to spend that much money at one time, but these items will definitely help save space and we will be able to create a guest room out of the 3rd bedroom.

9. I’ve started writing again.  I used to write years ago, though I’ve never really finished anything.

10. My goal is to have it finished by the end of February, at the latest.

11. It will help that since I work for a public university, I get two weeks off for winter break.

12. Two weeks of knitting and writing.  I can’t wait.


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