Not In The Stars

I did not get as far as I would have liked over the weekend.  But I did finish both sleeves and I made a start on the body.  So that is good.  I have to pause at the end of each section since I’m knitting both sides at the same time.  This is a first for me, so I have to remind myself not to start the next row until I’ve finished the other half.  I’ll get used to it.  Of course, about the time I get the hang of it, I’ll be knitting in the round. 😛


The Best Laid Plans…

Well, my schedule has fallen by the wayside a bit over the last couple of weeks, but I’m going to jump right back in and get it knocked out.  Today’s goal?  2 sleeves (they’re cap sleeves, completely doable) and the beginning of the body.  It starts off with the two sides being knit at the same time, then combined in the round for most of the piece, then flat from arm holes on.  I don’t want to say that I think it will be an “easy” piece, that is just asking for trouble, but I’m hoping that it will move quickly.

Once I actually get started on it…maybe…

How are your goals progressing?

Welcome Back, Kotter

On the 24th of last month, I got up early, got ready, and went to see my sister.

Las Vegas Blvd

That’s right, I got to spend over a week in Vegas.  And it was a blast, as usual.  Originally, I had made the plan last spring to go out and visit my sister for her birthday (which was the 25th).  At first, it was just going to be me.  Then Mum decided she wanted to go, followed by my brother and his girlfriend.  My poor BIL was inundated with the In-Laws; we somewhat overran their house.  (My father and his wife will be headed out today as well, but they will be staying in a hotel.)  At least we were a bit spread out so there were only 2 days where everyone was at the house at the same time.  It worked out.

We went to Springs Preserve for a little bit and saw the butterfly exhibit.

Butterfly 1 Butterfly 2 Butterfly 3

From the roof we got to see a wonderful view.  Including a crazy storm as it slowly made it’s way across the valley.

SAM_0289 SAM_0340SAM_0302SAM_0306

We had some great food and drinks,

Cocktail Pizza RockSAM_0331SAM_0334

Tooled around with the top down,


Went shopping, and had some all around good times.

SAM_0329 SAM_0325 shopping

I even got my knit on and some reading in.


I think I'm going to rip this back, go with something smaller.

I think I’m going to rip this back, go with something smaller.


(Of course, I often forgot to take pictures of things and even forgot the camera upon occasion.  That’s usually how I roll.)

Overall it was a wonderful trip and I’m so glad I got to go.  I didn’t really want to come back home and to work.  I hope to be able to visit again soon.

Maybe February. 🙂

(It took me way longer than it should to post this, but I finally got it done. :))