Jupiter Must Currently Be Aligned With Mars

I actually did a swatch this weekend.  I know!  Craziness.  But since I am embarking on a new project, that is lace and requires beads, it seemed the prudent thing to do.  So I got the swatch all knitted up with the beads, which were pretty easy to incorporate and pulled out the blocking mat.

Fiori without flash

Fiori swatch without flash

I’m not sure if you can see it, but over on the far right of that picture is a rather large hole that is not supposed to be there.  I accidentally snapped the yarn in that one spot while I was blocking it.  That is the first time that has happened to me, and I can only be thankful that it was the swatch and not the actual shawl.  The beads are somewhat hard to see in this picture, there are only 2 different types.

close up of beads

I ended up choosing the bottom five.  They are lighter, metallic looking, and when you look at them a certain way, they have a slight blue cast to them.  I really like them and I think they will work out well.  Once that was decided I got it started.


For this pattern, Romi has you do a belly button cast on.  It’s interesting.  I think I prefer Emily Ocker’s.  It is less of a hassle, at least to me.  But it’s better to have tried it and find out, than never try new things.

So, off I go to continue my new project.  At least until the new yarn arrives.  Some of it should be there when I get home 🙂


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