Who Wouldn’t Be Excited?

So, I’ve ordered some yarn recently (shocking, I know).  Some of it is for presents, some of it is not.  (The “not” is yarn that I purchased as a birthday present to me.  My birthday was last month.)  I need to work on presents right now, so of course, the first bit of yarn I receive is the yarn not for presents.  But it is very exciting all the same.  You get home, find the package waiting for you and it’s like Christmas, even though you bought it yourself.  It’s still something fun and exciting that you get to open.  So I open up my package and there was this:

Miss Babs


Isn’t it lovely?  It is 1250 yards of hand dyed 100% Tussah silk yarn from Miss Babs.  It’s more than I ever spent on one hank of yarn since I started knitting, but I think it’s wonderful.  It’s a little more purple than I expected, but I think it will look lovely as this.  All I need are the proper beads and I’m ready to start.  I mean, I don’t have the other yarn for the presents yet.  Might as well fill my time with something new.  Right?


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