So Far So Good

I decided yesterday afternoon that I needed a schedule.  If I am going to finish everything I need to at a decent time, I need to balance my commitments and my knitting time.  I am a “master” at scheduling.  I can schedule just about anything.  I am also a very visual person so spreadsheets, calendars, and color coding are my friends.

My problem lies in following the schedule.  It is all well and good to have an awesome schedule, but if you don’t follow it, there is no reason to even have the schedule.  This time I am going to do everything I can to actually follow my new schedule.  Currently, it is a very simple schedule.  Just an academic calendar that I received for free at the office with all of my commitments laid out and short To Do lists for every month.  I actually started following it last night, just as I was supposed to.  And I have checked off all of my To Do items for this month.  Which is very good since there are only a couple of days left.  I am very happy that I didn’t fall of the wagon the first day.  Now lets see if I can keep it up.


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