And I Ain’t Talking About The River In Egypt

That’s right, folks, I’m talking about denial.

Denial: /diˈnīəl/ noun failure to acknowledge an unacceptable truth or emotion or to admit it into consciousness, used as a defense mechanism.

We all have our moments, some small, some large, where we deny things to ourselves and others.

As I mentioned last time, I had taken a little break from my shawl.  I was getting back into it recently, in fact I even knit a good 20+ rounds in just a couple of days.  But there was a problem lurking in the shadows.  I knew something wasn’t quite right.  I could tell just by looking at the section that it didn’t look like it should.  I told myself, it’s because it’s in the round, and it’s bunched on the needles, it will look right once it’s off the needles.  I looked at pictures of the pattern, looked at my work, it still didn’t look right even as I continued to knit along, endlessly working those 576 stitch rounds, until last night.  I looked again after 49 rows.

shawl mistake

That is not feather and fan.  And I, my dears, was in serious denial.  So last night, I ripped back the 49 rows of 576 stitches and began again.  C’est la vie.


2 thoughts on “And I Ain’t Talking About The River In Egypt

  1. It can happen to all of us~


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