To Yarn or Not To Yarn…

Well, that really isn’t the question is it?  The answer will always be “yarn”.  The actual question is, do I go to the Ewe today on my way home, or do I wait until tomorrow, and go during my lunch break.  In either case, I will be a bit pressed for time as I only have an hour for lunch and in the evenings I must get home to let the dog out.  Poor George is stuck in the house all day and is usually waiting at the back door ready to go out when I get home in the evenings.  If I go today, I will have yarn today.  If I go tomorrow, I will most assuredly lose my parking spot and I won’t be able to play work with the yarn until I get home, but George will be able to go out on time both days.  Or, I could head back into Plano tonight after dinner since the Ewe is open until 8p and just do a little extra driving tonight if we don’t eat too late.  Hmmmm, decisions, decisions.


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