Busy, Busy, Busy

This weekend passed by fairly quickly.  There was the optometrist Saturday morning, then Arts in the Square Saturday afternoon.  Sunday was for knitting though and I was able to get a bit done.

Blanket 2.0 2

That is 2 sets of the 24 row Clustered Braid pattern with 3 repeats of the 16 row OXO pattern.  I think it is coming along very nicely.  I am farther along than I was when I had to frog it last week, and I seem to be doing a better job of paying attention to where I am in the pattern, though there is a small mistake in one of the “o”s.  I may go back to fix that later.  As this blanket is just for me, I’m not as concerned about it as I would be otherwise.  Unless I find some time this evening, there probably will not be any knitting done today, but tomorrow will either be more blanket, or I will stop at the Ewe and pick up some yarn to start The Swatching Of The Shawl.


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