Diving Right In

I’ve never really been one for half measures.  Whenever I want to try something I just jump right in and go for it.  Knitting is a perfect example of that.  I decided I wanted to learn, I bought a book, and in a rare moment of decorum, I bought a kit (a little scarf and hat kit from Lion Brand, I believe) and started knitting away.  My very first project after that garter stitch kit was a scarf for my brother.  Now if you look at that scarf, there is an easy way to do the “drippy” parts.  You can just go back over the black with red and it looks very nice.  My issue was that I was using a very thick yarn and I didn’t want those areas to be thicker than the rest of the scarf.  So what did I do in my new knitter wisdom?  Intarsia, of course!  Because that’s what beginning knitters automatically go to when they knit something for the first time. 😛 Apparently, I like to make things difficult for myself.  This is of course, before I started blogging and I wasn’t thinking about posting pictures, but it did turn out well, if I do say so myself.  If the opportunity arises to take a picture of it, I will.

That being said, there was a reason for this story.  I have decided to design my first shawl.  And me, being me, it is not going to be a simple rectangular shawl, or even a triangular one, nope, it is going to be a circular lace shawl.  The idea has been floating around in my head since about November/December, and I think finally have it down.

Shawl Pattern

That is the beginning of my pattern.  I’m going to chart it out to see if I need to move things around a bit, then I’m going to knit up a swatch to see if it will work.  Hopefully, fingers crossed, I’ll have a very nice shawl in a few weeks. 🙂

(Hopefully, this one will never have to go into Time Out.)


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