Mondays Are Not For Knitting

While I haven’t been knitting much of late ever since I finished Sylvie, Mondays are definitely not for knitting.  Between work and choir, there is just no time.  By the time I get back home, I’m exhausted.  While I have not been knitting much, I have been doing other things.  I’ve been trying a new homemade shampoo with coconut milk and castille soap, and using tea rinses instead of store bought shampoos and conditioners.  I definitely like the tea rinses, they do very well for my hair, but I have yet to find a good balance for the shampoo.  The castille soap seems to leave a bit of a residue on my hair that I do not really care for.  The first time I used it, it turned out well, but every time after that, not so much.  I’ve been trying to adjust the ratio of soap and milk, but I think I may need to add a bit more of the other ingredients to it.  We’ll have to see.  Maybe an additional coconut milk rinse before the tea rinse would help…it definitely wouldn’t hurt.


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