Three-Day Weekend

For many of us here in the States, this weekend was a 3-day weekend in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.  As I currently work for a university, I too had Monday off.  I have to say, this was the most productive MLK weekend I’ve had in awhile.

I wound 5 hanks of yarn into balls,



(George seems to be a little leery of the swift)

I completed the 1st 3 charts on the Melissa shawl pattern,



(That’s the farthest I’ve ever made it on this shawl, I am very excited)

Part of the seaming on the coat is complete,



(Both fronts are now attached to the back, now I have to attach the sleeves and start the hood)

And while there are no pictures of this, I started designing my first shawl, I finished all of my laundry, and I started rearranging my closet.  The closet is mostly done, now I just need to finish up the rest of the clutter that results from dragging everything out of your closet.  I think I did pretty well.  Did you have a productive weekend?


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