Well, over the weekend, I finished the right front of my coat as planned.  What remains is the seaming, hood, blocking, and petals.  Not too much work, really, just somewhat time consuming.  And as we’ve been having a bit of a warm spell here, I haven’t been in a huge hurry to finish it.  Which brings me to Saturday night.  Instead of beginning my seaming on the coat, I started (or rather restarted) a shawl I had been working on last year and had to frog.  For a moment there, I thought, I’m not sticking to The Plan, I’ve begun a new project.  But then, my sister, in her infinite wisdom told me, “then that doesn’t really count if you’ve already started it.”  Even though I had to frog it before I even started my coat, it was a WIP and I really have stuck to The Plan and I have not begun a new project before my coat is finished.  Bazinga!  That is the kind of loophole I can support.

BTW, I will post some pictures tomorrow of both the shawl and the coat. 🙂


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