Well, the last few days have been interesting here in Texas.  Some call it “Icemageddon”, others call it “Icepocalypse”, whatever your term, we were pretty much iced in for a few days.  In my area, it got as thick as 4 inches in some places-including my car.  That may not seem like much, but when it is a solid sheet of ice, it is a crap ton.  In fact, when I went to thaw out my car Sunday in anticipation of potentially having to work Monday, there were two layers of ice.  That’s a lot of ice.  As luck would have it, campus was closed yesterday so I got to stay home again, which was nice.  It’s still freaking cold, but that’s ok with me.  The university it open again so I’m back to work.  But 8 more work days and it is Winter Break.  A full 2 weeks off with pay, nice. 🙂


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