Monogamy (times 2)

So I’ve been working on the same two projects for awhile now.  One is a gift titled “The Scarf Of Death” (henceforth, it shall be called SOD, this is of course, my personal name for it ;-D),

The Scarf Of Death

The Scarf Of Death

and the other is a coat for myself, Sylvi.

Sylvi Back

Sylvi Back

I love this coat, and I can’t wait to wear it, but it’s taking a bit of time as is the SOD.  I enjoy working on them, for very different reasons of course.  I’m currently on the back of Sylvi and it’s a lovely cabled pattern that keeps me focused while I work on it.  The SOD, a simple garter stitch, allows me to read or watch TV while I work, thus helping the monotonous rows of garter stitch fly by.  And while I love both of these projects…my gaze is starting to wonder…

There’s that pretty Peacock Feathers Shawl from Fiddlesticks Knitting sitting beside my bed…



And then there is that green yarn that I ordered awhile back, just sitting in that corner over there…

Fern from KnitPicks

Fern from KnitPicks

Oh, and the Ellie, that I haven’t even started yet with the lovely blown glass buttons and the soft MCN Unemployed?  In Greenland? yarn from Indigodragonfly

And we mustn’t forget the Melissa Shawl with the pretty white sequin yarn (I actually bought mine from, but they don’t sell it anymore) that I had to completely frog a few months ago…

Patons Sequin Lace Yarn

Patons Sequin Lace Yarn

I also need to make 4 5 more Christmas presents, but 2 of them aren’t needed until after Christmas…

So many projects with so little time makes it very difficult to be even partially monogamous.

Maybe just a little lace?


One thought on “Monogamy (times 2)

  1. […] for the SOD, progress has been made there as well.  There are still about 333 rows to complete, plus blocking […]


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