I know that I haven’t been very active here lately.  I shall definitely try to do better.  But today I just had to talk about kindness for the sake of being kind.  A fellow blogger Stephanie was in need of a skein of Loopy Ewe solid in white.  She had been knitting a baby blanket for a baby due at any moment and ran out.  The baby decided it was time to explore the world on Friday and Stephanie asked if anyone had an extra skein so that she could finish the blanket before the end of the weekend.  Knitters across North America came together and found her one, in Canada, not far from where she lives in Toronto.  Meeting halfway, the knitter gladly handed over her skein of yarn.  Just to help out a fellow knitter.  It reminds me that there are nice, kind people out there willing to help another just because it’s the nice thing to do.

Now as to the lack of blogging, I will rectify that beginning this week.  I will begin a new resolution to blog at least once a week.  This week I will have to take some pictures of what I have been working on over the last few months.


Happy Knitting. 😉


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