Reflections and Lentil Soup

It has been a busy time for me over the last couple of months.  I am now half way through my final semester, I graduate in May-Yay Woo!-and I have been avidly searching for a new job since my current one will end when I graduate.  As of Tuesday afternoon, I have a job.  It begins April 1st.  I’m very excited.  It’s more money than I’ve ever made before and it is here at the University so I don’t even have to change my morning commute.  A definite plus.  With all of these changes, and the fact that today is the first day of Spring, though I know some of you will have quite a ways to go before it seems anything close to “Spring-like”, I found myself reflecting.  This, to me, is the New Year.  Not that day in January, the first day of Spring, when, at least here in Texas, it is beginning to warm, and the green is making an appearance.  New life, new year.  And today was the perfect day for it.  The breeze still on the chilly side, the air scented with the rain that the heavy clouds overhead carry and occasionally allow to fall.  A beautiful way to begin.  And a wonderful day to have a nice warm bowl of lentil soup.


Happy Spring.


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