Busy, Busy, Busy…

So things have been a bit crazy around here.  Going back to work after the holidays, car went into the shop last week, and school started.  It’s my final semester-WooHoo!-plus I joined the Frisco Chorale.  I started rehearsals last Monday and we’ve added two medleys.  This semester is Broadway, which works for me, I like Broadway.  We’ve started working on Les Miserables and Porgy and Bess.  I think this is going to be a fun semester.  I am also continuing my search for a new job for when I graduate.  I really hope I find something soon.  I have loans I’m going to have to pay back.


Sean’s New Hat

It’s the Graham by Jennifer Adams.  The only changes I made were I used a fine yarn (CloudSoft black) instead of Eco Alpaca by Cascade, and since the yarn was smaller, I cast on 120 stitches instead of 96.  I also repeated rows 23 and 24 to end up with the same amount of stitches at the top to close together.  It’s very soft and big, just as he wanted.



I think he likes it…