So I have been working on a Christmas project since September.  It’s been taking awhile, but part of the problem is after awhile, all there has been to do for the last bit is rounds and rounds of knit stitch.  I still have 8,480 stitches left.


That’s a lot of stitches.

How’s your Christmas knitting going?


I Just Can’t Take It Anymore

I thought I could do it.  I really did.  I figured, it’s such a small mistake and it’s the first time I’ve worked on a pattern like this, it’s really not so bad.  Every time I come back ’round to it, I tell myself the same thing, “He’s not going to care,” and “it’s really not that bad,” but every time I see it, it gets bigger and bigger to me.

I can’t take it anymore, it has to go.

Thanksgiving and “Catch Up”

So…it is “Black Friday” here in the States.  If you decided to brave the crowds, more power to you.  I decided to stay home and not deal with the crowds and traffic, though I will go to The Woolie Ewe tomorrow.  I need to get some yarn for last minute presents.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family, friends and love.

This was Thanksgiving in our house:

On a different note…Mom’s birthday was last month.

Here she is at the party


And here is the project that Shall Remain Nameless

I think it turned out pretty well.


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

With My Most Sincere Apologies

I know that I have been remiss in my “bloggerly” duties.  I must beg your forgiveness.  I have been quite busy, though not so much with the knitting.  I have completed one project, though not a Christmas one.  I am almost finished with one present, haven’t worked on the other, added one more and now, I may yet add another.  Good thing it’s still November, though not for much longer.  I did finish the project that “shall remain nameless”.  It was a beautiful shall for my Mother’s 60th birthday.  Pictures to follow.  I hope to be more vigilant in my blogging from now on as some of the upheaval in my personal life has begun to dissipate and my life is beginning to get back into a “normal” routine…as normal as it ever is for me.
How is your Christmas knitting going?