Just One More

I’ve been working on my new project today and I love watching a pattern emerge as I knit.  For me, it is fascinating how variations on 2 simple steps can create something fabulous.  It does cause a slight problem for me, I just keep telling myself, “one more row”-well, 2 actually so that I can complete the even numbered (purl) row-“just one more, then I’ll put it down.”  It’s a lovely pattern called Melissa (that is the link to the Ravelry page).  I thought the name a good sign and it seems to be showing very well in the Lace Sequin, as I hoped.  Though it is a little difficult to see all of the sequin strewn about in the photo, they are there and I think it adds just enough sparkle to this pretty shawl.  I do need to put it down now so that I can get a few things done before I start dinner…

Maybe just one more row…



…is really hard.  I’ve always had a slight problem with project monogamy, but nothing too bad.  Now, I have been working on the same project (a Christmas present) for the last week and while I love it and I can’t wait to see it completed, I’m at the knit in circles for 72 rounds before I get to any type of change which will be an increase for a ruffle.  It’s one of those cases where you’re done with the project before the project is done with you.  So I currently have a really bad case of “startitis” as Stephanie has termed it.  I just want to do something different.  I ask, if there is anyone out there reading this, do you have any ideas for a little over 3,000 yards of Patons Lace Sequin in Crystal?  It’s a beautiful soft yarn with some acrylic, polyester, wool, and mohair…and of course some sequin for that touch of “sparkle”.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many Apologies

I am so sorry for the fact that I haven’t posted anything lately.  There has been a bit of upheaval in my life of late, and I’ve been neglecting my blog.  I’ve separated from my husband and started a new semester (my second to last) at school.  Also, I’ve been helping my Mum find a house to buy, and I spent about a week in Las Vegas.  The Las Vegas part was awesome.  My sister lives there and it’s always a blast to hang out with her and my brother-in-law.  My Mum also came out to visit for my sister’s birthday which was last Tuesday, the 25th.  In my next post, I’ll post some pics so you can see some of the fun we had.  Until, I wish you all Happy Knitting.


Blessed Be.